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We have heard many times that reading books is a great motivation to action. But is it really? Of course it all depends on what you are reading. And if you need to exercise to tighten your figure – books on the delicious food of the peoples of the world will not help. But what they say about scientists? In 2008, researchers from Duke University found out that reading can be used in the treatment of obesity. They examined 30 girls aged 9 to 13 years, suffering from obesity. One of them offered to read the novel "Saving the lake" is about a girl with excess weight and low self-esteem, trying to lose weight. The second group read a book where a character was not, and a third do not read anything. As a result, the decrease in body mass index in the first group is almost two times exceeded the results of the second and third groups. Scientists have linked it with the influence of reading on the motivation of the girls. The benefits of reading specific literature was confirmed in other studies. Therefore, to obtain the desired result, you need to choose the right books. In the contents and a brief description of the book and feedback from readers.

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